Characteristics :

Classification: Gundog

Size:  Medium

Daily Exercise Requirements: 2 Hours

Lifespan: 10 – 14 years

Coat Length: Medium

Weight: 18 – 25Kg (40 – 55lbs)

Height:  45 – 55cm (18 – 22 inches)

General Information :

The English Springer Spaniel earned its name from the way it would ‘Spring’ out on game to flush them out for its hunter companion. Originating as companions for hunters, the breed loves the outdoors and make a great companion for people who enjoy hiking and camping.

These dogs are very enthusiastic and will excitedly greet you whenever you return home. They are quick to learn, incredibly eager to please and have a very clumsy sense of humour. Providing they are brought up with them, the dogs are very good with both children and pets which make them a fantastic family dog. Be aware that they may see pet birds as prey.

English Springer Spaniels are very people orientated and very affectionate, they may bark at strangers initially however are friendly and expect the stranger to give them attention. They make fantastic therapy dogs, often bringing a smile to the fame of poorly people.

The smart dog s are athletes that perform very well at canine sports, most owners who do not hunt will participate in some form of sport such as agility or tracking, others have a loyal jogging partner in their dog.

You should avoid leaving the dogs on their own for a long duration as they may bark to stay entertained and become destructive to use up energy. The dog breeder should be chosen carefully as careless breeding of the English Springer Spaniel has led to reports of dogs with high aggression and excessive timidity.

There are two main different categories of English Springer Spaniel; a Field-Bred Springer and a Show-Line Springer. Field springers tend to have more stamina and energy to run in the field, show springers are competitive in the modern dog show.

Both categories of this breed are very energetic and require a lot of exercise. Typically expect to give around two hours of exercise per day with a mix of walking and high intensity. In unsecure areas a leash is a must as the dog may attempt to follow its instinct and begin to hunt (run off).

Grooming :

English Springer Spaniels can be a chore to groom, more so the show category.

The dogs have a weather, water and thorn proof double coat which requires brushing 2 – 3 times per week to avoid matting and tangling of hairs. The dogs shed moderately all year round, however regular brushing should help control this.

It is common for owners to trim hair around the head, neck, ears, tail and feet to keep a neater appearance, professional help is often sourced every 2 – 3 months to help with this. Bathing is suggested when needed (typically every other month), be aware the dogs have an attraction to puddles.

Regular nail cutting, and ear cleaning is required. A tooth clean twice a week is required.

As always, as you groom your dog, examine it for any health problems, their ears that trap air can pose a health risk and should be checked for dirt,red spots and infection weekly.