Characteristics :

Classification: Utility

Size: Small

Daily Exercise Requirements:  20 – 30 mins (1 Walk + Some Playtime)

Lifespan: 9 – 12 years

Coat Length: Short

Weight: 7 – 12Kg (16 – 26lbs)

Height: 25 – 30cm (10 – 12inches)

General Information :

French Bulldogs, also known as ‘Frenchie’s’ originate from England, they were created as a toy-version of an English bulldog. As lace makers moved to France for work in the 1800s, they took their dogs with them, which is where the French Bulldog became very fashionable and soon became a dog of high society.

The exterior of the French Bulldog shows a compact,muscular dog with distinct bat-like ears. They are protective animals by nature and will never shy away from defending its home and its family.

Despite first appearances, underneath the strong exterior is a loving companion who thrives from human contact and attention, these dogs require almost constant human interaction and will happily follow you room to room.

They love to both play and relax, do not require much room (a garden/yard is not necessary) and love to be in your presence constantly. This makes the French Bulldog a perfect companion by people who have a small apartment, work from or spend much of their day at home. However, watch your sofa as they have a tendency to drool.

Due to their protective nature, it is key to engage them in socialising from a young age. French Bulldogs are generally very happy to be around children and are not prone to barking unless they get excited.

Their easy-going personality makes them an easy to train dog, however they are also very free minded and can become stubborn, therefore you must remain consistent, firm and patient whilst keeping training fun, playful and award prizes to keep them engaged. If one training method is not working, then it may benefit to try another.

The breed requires very little exercise, often a short walk in the morning and some playtime in the evening is enough to keep them healthy and from becoming overweight. The dogs are prone to heat exhaustion and therefore should never be exercised in high temperatures.

Grooming :

French Bulldogs are very easy to groom, their short, smooth shiny coats only required an occasional brush. It should be noted that they do shed some hair which could affect people with allergies.

The breed should be bathed monthly using shampoo to ensure that their coats and skin retain its natural oils. You must take care to ensure that you clean between the wrinkles, and also ensure that wrinkled are dried to avoid infection.

Teeth should be cleaned once or twice a week and ears should be cleaned regularly.

As always, as you groom your dog, examine it for any health problems, dry ears and noses are a common indications of possible health problems with this particular breed.