Characteristics :

Classification: Terrier

Size:  Small

Daily Exercise Requirements: 45 – 60 minutes (intensive walk/run + playtime in yard) Lifespan: 12 – 15 years

Coat Length: Short (Can be smooth, rough or a mixture)

Weight: 6 – 10 Kg (13 – 22lbs)

Height:  25 – 30cm (10 – 12inches)

General Information :

The Jack Russell is a small dog with a larger personality. They are loving, incredibly energetic and have a strong desire to work. They are devoted to their owner, will excitedly jump to greet you and will happily run alongside you if you like to jog.

The breed was designed in the 1800s to hunt vermin such as rats, foxes and badgers both over and underground. This was for both sport and pest control and the Jack Russell performed very well.

Jack Russell’s love being around people, they are affectionate, protective and humorous/clumsy dogs. However, their inherent hunting characteristics means that they commonly portray other animals (other dogs, cats, foxes etc…) as their prey and can become aggressive towards them. Fearlessness can lead to problems with other, bigger, dogs.

The dogs should live in a house with people, however will require a garden/yard where they can burn off large amounts of excess energy. Because of their strong desire to catch their pray, a secure yard and supervision is necessary to ensure that the cunning dog does not escape.

The breed is prone to being quite vocal, whilst being great as a security deterrent they are not best suited to flats/apartments.

Jack Russell’s are incredibly intelligent animals and, with the correct person, can be trained to an outstanding level. However, the breed is very strong willed to do as they wish, and therefore can be difficult to train.

In order to train them successfully, you must remain firm, consistent, patient and calm. Positive motivation (treats, play time etc…) is key whilst training this dog, harsh corrections will lead to the dog becoming stubborn.

Digging is in the dog’s nature, it is recommended that you train them to dig in a certain place as opposed to not digging at all. It is very important for the breed to socialise from a very young age to prevent aggression towards other dogs in later life.

When walking, the dog should be kept on a lead as he will chase other animals and will not be deterred by anything (including traffic). A 30-45-minute, high energy, walk or run is required with additional playtime in the garden.

Grooming :

There are two types of coats for Jack Russell’s; smooth and rough, both having a double coat.

The main difference is a rough coat will show eyebrows and a small beard and will require stripping (removing of dead hair) twice a year. Neither coats shed hair, and a weekly brush will ensure that they stay clean meaning that baths are rarely needed.

Nails should be trimmed once or twice a month to avoid scratching of your shins when he eagerly greets you. And teeth should be brushed 2 – 3 times per week.

As always, as you groom your dog, examine it for any health problems.