Characteristics :

Classification: Terrier

Size:  Small

Daily Exercise Requirements: 1 Hour

Lifespan: 12 – 14 years

Coat Length: Short

Weight: 10 – 17Kg (24 – 38lbs)

Height:  35 – 40cm (14 – 16 inches)

General Information :

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, also known as Staffies, certainly fulfil the role of a ‘man’s best friend’. Originally Bred as small fighting dogs, which is both inhumane and now illegal, the dog is a loyal companion known for its intelligence, courage and love of children.

Despite its fighting history and its intimidating muscular body and tough powerful stance, Staffies are surprisingly loving and sensitive dogs. There are two things that are of upmost importance to the breed, that is having close human contact and playtime.

This trustworthy dog has a very gentle personality, is enthusiastic and energetic, its curiosity leads it to live everyday as if it is a new adventure. They love nothing more than the comforts in life, spending a lot of time with its owner be it sat on the sofa, playing or out for trip in the car.

A garden/yard is preferred for playtime, however it must be secure as the dog is prone to digging under fences to chase neighbours’ cats’ ‘prey’. An area of shade and fresh water is required on hot days as this breed does not cope well in heat.

Staffies are not known for barking, however will humour you with random snorts, snores and groans as well as by using their lovely ‘singing’ voices.

The dogs love to chew, so plenty of strong toys are a must. The breed does not like being left at home alone for long periods of time, this could lead to stress.

Before choosing a Staffordshire Bull terrier as your pet, please check your local laws as some cities restrict and even ban the ownership of this breed.

These dogs are highly intelligent and can be trained very well with a confident and patient training. This breed may not make the ideal first pet as previous experience in training is advised as they are strong willed free thinkers.

The dogs are loving towards all humans and very patient and loving of children, however playtime should be supervised. Due to its instinct, the Staffie is not always friendly with other dogs and therefore should be socialised from an early age to avoid this.

The very energetic breed requires one or two intense walks every way (totalling 1 hour) plus some playtime. The dog should always remain on a leash during walks due to their nature with other dogs and small animals.

Grooming :

Staffies are very easy to maintain on a grooming front.

Their easy care short, smooth and shiny coat requires just a weekly brush to remove dead and/or loose hair. They have one large shed once per year and the rest is very little.

Producing very little odour, you will only need to bathe your dog as needed. Monthly nail cutting, and weekly ear cleaning is required. A tooth clean twice a week is required.

As always, as you groom your dog, examine it for any health problems, their ears can pose a health risk and should be checked for dirt, red spots and infection weekly.