Characteristics :

Classification: Pastoral

Size:  Medium

Daily Exercise Requirements: 2 – 3 Hours

Lifespan: 10 – 14 years

Coat Length: Medium

Weight: 13 – 20Kg (30 – 45lbs)

Height:  50 – 55cm (20 – 22 inches)

General Information :

Border Collies, also known as sheep dogs, are used all around the world today with an instinct to heard running deep within their nature. The breed has been around as long as the shepherd and are considered are the best asset a shepherd could have as they use their intelligence, high stamina and signature stare to round up sheep from all over the hills, as well as protecting them at night.

It is often said that it does not get much better than a Collie, these dogs are full of energy, highly intelligent, which makes them very trainable, and they excel in canine sports such as agility and tracking.

They are not a laid-back dog in the slightest, but they will always be happy to see you. The dogs are very good adapting to new surrounds and different life styles.

They are highly intelligent, learn very quickly and hence can be very well trained to a point where they can guess what you will say before you say it. The dogs respond very well to praise. However,if left to get bored they tend to bark and dig and may become destructive.

If you are an owner that can regularly exercise and provide stimulation for the dog (if sheep are not available, then dog sports are perfect) then a Border Collie is the perfect companion.

In their natural habitat Border Collies have been known to run 50 miles in a day, the breed has a lot of energy and requires mental and physical stimulation as they are addicted to work. A lot of owners underestimate the needs of a Border Collie which unfortunately leads to a lot of this type of dogs being returned to rescue centres looking for a new home.

The high energy demands mean that the breed requires a lot of exercise daily. A lot of high intensity running around in a secure park and playtime in the garden is required (2 – 3 hours). To remain entertained they require something challenging, this is one reason why they excel at dog sports.

The Border Collie likes to be busy to burn off energy. A garden is a must, however it must be secure as the dogs have a not-so-clever instinct to chase cars.

It is important to socialise from a very young age as otherwise your dog may become fearful and shy. The dog is great company for children and pets, however sometimes may have the instinct to heard them which could result in the odd nip, therefore playtime with children should be supervised.

Grooming :

Border Collies are very low maintenance dogs with regards to grooming.

The breed can come in one of two whether resistant, double layered, coats, either rough or smooth. The smooth is a shorter and coarser coat. A weekly brush is required to keep the natural oils well distributed amongst its coat.

A bath is rarely required, approximately every 4 months or as needed. Teeth should be brushed 2 – 3 times per week, however daily is recommended to avoid gum disease and bad breath. Nails should be trimmer once per month if required.

As always, as you groom your dog, examine it for any health problems. Perform a weekly check of your dog’s ears looking for dirt, redness or bad odour that may indicate infection.