Characteristics :

Classification: Utility

Size:  Medium

Daily Exercise Requirements: 15 – 30 mins

Lifespan: 8 – 10 years

Coat Length: Short

Weight: 18 – 25Kg (40 – 55lbs)

Height:  35 – 40cm (14 – 16 inches)

General Information :

The English Bulldog is a renowned breed that, aesthetically, you either love or you hate. The ancestor of the Bulldog originated in England and was bred for a very inhumane sport called bull-baiting in which the dog would latch on to the nose of a bull.

Despite a vicious past, and an intimidating muscular appearance, the modern-day Bulldog is very much a big softie who loves nothing more than the presence and attention of its owner.

The Bulldog is affectionate, friendly and calm. Providing that they are well socialised, they are perfect with children with a high tolerance to being annoyed, however children should be taught not to torment dogs.

Being a brave watchdog, not known for barking and a non-energetic ‘lazy’ animal, Bulldogs are well suited to apartment life. The breed is known for snorting and wheezing whilst sleeping and is prone to drooling.

Whilst being slow to pick up on things, Bulldogs have great memories. So, whilst the best tricks may not be easily taught, once they have learned they will remember. The dog can be stubborn so teaching through play is recommended.

As previously said, the Bulldog is a very lazy dog. They have very little motivation to do exercise nor do they require much exercise, 15 to 30 minutes should be sufficient to tyre them out and is required to ensure that your dog does not become overweight. The breed is greedy and food intake must be monitored.

Due to the shape of their head, Bulldogs commonly suffer from respiratory problems amongst other health issues. This makes them sensitive to heat and therefore a cool area is required during hot seasons.

Grooming :

The grooming needs of a Bulldog are quite high.

They are moderate shedders and their short smooth coat requires a weekly brush with a stiff brush to catch the majority of the hair.

Their faces should be washed daily and thoroughly dried, paying particular attention to their wrinkles as these areas are prone to infection. Their nose should also be checked daily for dryness.

Regular nail cutting, and ear cleaning is required. A tooth clean twice a week is required. As always, as you groom your dog, it is very important to examine them for any health problems.